Why choose Us?

PRIVATE BANKING MANAGEMENTExcellence and superiority for private clients

By entrusting BURGSCHILD, you are assigning us with much more than your money. You are entrusting your principles, obligations and projects, so that we can make them real and bring them to success.

We address your wealth in its globality and open up new prospects for you. It is vital for us to know all of your objectives and understand the challenges involved.

It is a point of honour for us to support you as your wealth evolves and put you in contact with the specialised individuals who can best respond to your needs.

Why choose Us?

ASSET MANAGEMENTDynamic administration developed on principles.

Our Asset Management service industries are catered to serve our clients vigorous, principle-based businesses. We vision beyond indexed functioning to generate real, enduring value over solid, honorable positions.

In all our investments, we attempt to take a broad view of the risk involved.

Our goal is to deliver significant monetary harvests with a solid influence on the real economy.

Why choose Us?

PRIVATE EQUITYCapitalizing the real economy

The BURGSCHILD GROUP is a leader in private equity, using its years of experience to assist businesses. Our teams are not merely financial investors. They are active partners in company growth and work closely with company executives on value creation.

Why choose Us?

CORPORATE FINANCELegitimacy among Global Financial and M&A Groups

Delivering corporate advisory services and facilitating corporate finance is the principal traditional activity for the BURGSCHILD GROUP. Evolving strategic associations on core issues, we have nurtured a tradition and modest advisory bank. We deliver answers to tackle strategic encounters faced by businesses and their stakeholders.

Why choose Us?

REAL ESTATEBenefiting from the demographic changes of tomorrow.

Real estate is the largest asset class in the world - US$ 220 trillion in value (gold by comparison is only US$ 6 trillion).

Real estate is not just a fundamental segment, but an essential part of any economy’s progress. For us, real estate is not simply an area of expertise; it is a matter of conviction. Rather than concentrating solely on the return on investments, we consider it our obligation to sustenance social and ecological transformations through a solid active presence on the ground.

Why choose Us?

INSTITUTIONAL & FUND SERVICESDynamic expertise at your service

The BURGSCHILD GROUP facilitates its customers with knowledge in capital formation and management. From conventional family funds to multifaceted configurations, our offering stipulates a wide variety of high added-value selections incorporating executive managers, custodian bank and management company services.

Why choose Us?

M&A Strategic AdvisoryAdvice across all M&A and strategic assignments.

Our global network of advisers all contribute to a wealth of deep on-the-ground, real-time market knowledge. We advise on more M&A than any of our competitors in our core markets and on many of the world's most complex and industry-defining transactions. This provides us with an unrivalled perspective.