Our History

The BURGSCHILD GROUP has a rich history of business management and has been operating in the world of finance based on strict ethics and principals. Determinedly forward-looking, the BURGSCHILD GROUP is built on strong corporate family values, boldness and entrepreneurial spirit. Today, the group remains true to that pioneering ethos, seeking, in all it does, to embrace the changes shaping the modern world.

Why choose Us?


At the BURGSCHILD GROUP we have always held the belief that the people around us should benefit from our distinct perspectives, just as much as we do from theirs This principle of mutually beneficial partnership between business and society is reflected in our track record in successful and responsible business, and making a meaningful difference for the world we live in.

Why choose Us?


Through our Ecological Programme we make targeted donations to some of the most innovative and effective social enterprises supporting ecological and environment issues.

In all our investments, we attempt to take a broad view of the risk involved.

Why choose Us?


‘Giving More’ is our company matched employee giving scheme. It celebrates and supports the generosity of BURGSCHILD employees to charities we support as a firm and those they care about individually.

Why choose Us?


Through our ‘Talents of Life’ initiative our employees offer volunteering support directly to disadvantaged young people. Our employees share general life skills and knowledge we possess which might be of use to young people and typically takes the form of mentoring, coaching or tutoring designed to help them overcome challenges and take steps towards being able to fulfil their potential.